Here we will install

Installing the OS

The choosen OS is Ubuntu Server 20, with disk encrypted with luks.

Let's start installing Ubuntu Server 20 from AND REMEMBER TO ADD THE SSH SERVICE!

Then connect with SSH on a cable connection and run the following

sudo su
apt update
apt install -y wpasupplicant  wireless-tools  net-tools  unzip vim nano cryptsetup samba cifs-utils

Setup the WIFI

Setup netplan

Edit the following adding the wlan setup. The file name will be the only one listed under ** /etc/netplan **. You should set your SSID and WIFI password

** /etc/netplan/00 **

        dhcp4: true
+       optional: true
    version: 2
+   wifis:
+     wlan0:
+       dhcp4: true
+       optional: true
+       access-points:
+          "SSID_name":
+            password: "WiFi_password"

Then you can run (already in sudo mode)

netplan generate
netplan apply

Last modified on: June 08, 2020