Portable Servers


A series of portable servers and clients to start development without littering your WINDOWS box For the installation, it is enough to extract everything in the same directory! Remind that every version has its own data directory

Tested on:

Remember that if you want to start "instantly" a defined version, you should set the variable "[product]_version" to the version you need. For example:



These are always included in every distribution

Portable RabbitMQ

Portable HsqlDb

Portable MongoDb

Portable Kafka

Portable Zookeeper

Portable Artifactory

Remember that at the first startup (empty data dir) you will need to set the password for admin (something like !Passw0rd) and setup the repository types!


In a command line can setup the environment variables for the given languages/development environment

Portable Scala

Portable Jdk

Portable ErLang

Portable Maven

Portable Gradle

Portable NodeJs

Portable Php

Portable Clojure

Portable Leiningen

Portable Boot-Clj

Last modified on: February 17, 2020