This website is a tribute to the work of the great modeler Fabrizio Prudenziati, all models have been collected digging on the internet leveraging wayback machine, bing, duckduck gogo and google oddities... and a lot of luck.

Warning! All models shown on this site are original creations and property of Fabrizio Prudenziati. Can be freely downloaded and used for personal use only. They can not in any way used for commercial purposes or for profit.

Page 2 of some of the pdfs are to be printed on the back of page 1. They provide color to the backs of the parts without having to double the thickness. Print page 1, then flip the page over and put into the paper feed (making sure that the top of the printed page is positioned so it will feed into the printer first), then print page 2. If printing from the pdf, you will have to be sure that the "current page" button is selected on the printer window.(thanks to Darwin on  for the hint)

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